Without Christ, Without Hope

What is the grace that is to be brought to us when Jesus appears? It is that we will appear with Him in glory (2), and will be glorified (3), while He is admired in us by all (4).

We can see clearly that hope is never a maybe prospect or an objective fantasy in the heart, but it is a dogmatic certainty based on the historical event of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. It involves the childlike and exciting anticipation of our glorification, an anticipation that produces a godly urgency (5), a deep sense of destiny (3), and impetus for personal purity (6) in this life.

Hope in the worldly or cosmic sense is not really hope at all. It has no defined prospect, nor does it have a definite object. This hope is merely subjective; it is only despair that is appeased by ideas of a possible after-life or some desperate notion of reincarnation. The Bible proclaims dogmatically that those who are without Christ as the object of their hope have no hope at all. All of us were at that point at one time in life (7). Separate from Christ means absent of hope, for the Bible proclaims that to be without Christ is to be without hope. Hold fast to the hope you have in Christ so that He may be proclaimed in you as people see your confidence.

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