Be Fit into Grace

Our ways are not God's ways. We see a friend in trouble. Yet, God's way sees a need for that trouble to do something in them in the situation. To us, it seems that certain people do not listen to God's Word. God says that every message gone forth has accomplished what He has pleased. The Word will never return void. Never question the Word with your thoughts. The Word shall prosper.

A lot of people are not fit for the Kingdom. They only fit so far. In the Kingdom God, has a plan for people to take up His Cross. The Cross makes us fit into grace, or we do not make it in the plan. A lot of people, after the transition of a trial, are left only with Adam and are not seasoned with grace.

Prosper in the trials brought into your life. When you think someone has hurt you, think again in God's thoughts and prosper in the thing God sends. Do not be sent out of a trial by the circumstances therein, but send the life of Christ in to disperse the thoughts that the enemy plotted against your victory. When you get in God's way by being in God's thoughts, you will prosper (Psalm 1:3). You touch a situation with Heaven. With every commitment made, we are responsible. God made a commitment when He gave us the Word. He took the responsibility of the Word and made a commitment that it would never return void. We are after God in everything, living as a product of the Word of God.

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