Falling Short of Victory

Christ gives the Word. Does a person identify with that Word or fall short of identification through self ? He may accept God’s Word in his mind, but not have the strength of will to act in obedience. With the mind the person may identify, but in the will he lives in Adam. He may give mental ascent to the Word of God, but never let the will of God give him an inward victory.

Confessing with your mouth does not necessarily mean victory, but confessing with your will is victory. People say, but they do not do. They run around with a Christian banner, but they are people who have never been saved in their will. Their will has never experienced a crucifixion. They cannot say, “Not my will but Thine be done.” Do not just mentally acknowledge the Word, but will with God. People who will with God abide forever in the victory of Christ. They do not just confess something with their mouth and then live as a contradiction. They know the will of God as a living experience. They are renewed in their mind because they have fulfilled the will of God with a submissive heart (Acts 13:22).

How does one will with God? It is by losing all self-identification and wholly following Christ to experience His identity. We abide in the will of God, which is His identity. And then whatever we will shall be done, because it is a direct desire of His will expressed through us in identification ( John 15:7).

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