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God's Hour of Miracle

Do we enter into a natural resurrection of Adam, or do we wait for the hour of Christ to come? Tribulation does not have to have a natural supply of provision when we have been given a supernatural faith from God. Instead of naturally supplying a need which is by sight a reality, we should empty the vessel of its capabilities and stay upon our God. The letter of the Word naturally resurrects Adam to serve God. The wine at the wedding quenched the thirst of the guests only for a time. The letter of the Word has a limit to its appeasement of the moral conscience.

If tribulation works patience first (Romans 5:3), why are we anxious to shed the light of our own evaluation? A natural answer is desired only to justify self as an escape from situations. Tribulation works Divine attributes in us instead of self-realization. God works in tribulation instead of us working out of it.

God has a sovereign plan not based upon the time when the natural man calls His attention to a need. No man can lay his hands on God ( John 7:30) until the hour of God's appointment. We arrive first at the nullification of our own rights to demand of God something other than a promise. Then, in the choice hour of miracle, we who are set in human depravity are quickened as a lively stone. Filled first with the water of the Word and then transformed into Life by the Spirit, we offer God's best in the midst of a situation.

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