Knowing His Voice

Do you ever wander around with a feeling that nobody cares? …that there is no one to guide you to the right path? There is a Divine Shepherd who loves and cares for every sheep in His flock! He cares for you!

The word shepherd, poimen, means protect. Our Lord protects the sheep. He always walks before them. He calls them and talks with them, so they know their Shepherd’s voice (1). When a stranger’s voice calls the sheep — they will not respond! They will not even listen. A stranger’s voice will always attack. It will steal, kill and destroy. The goats will not hear the Word of God — so they will hear the stranger’s voice.

We must get to know our Father’s voice and heart — through prayer, listening to the Word of God and reaching out to the lost. The children of God hear His voice as He guides and leads them into the perfect will of God (2).

We, as children of God, must realize that our Savior is never too busy to hear our pleas. He is always there — ready to help and be an aid to our cries. He is always there to guide us to the right path… just call on Him! “Casting all your cares upon him; for he careth for you” (I Peter 5:7).

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