Looking Unto Jesus

The devil programs people to be something less than discerning, Holy Spirit controlled people. He programs people to be religious rather than living in the mystery of faith, which leads to critical and judgmental spirts. Others are programmed in spiritual sensuality, which means you have to feel Christ to believe you are filled. Empiricism is to believe that what you feel is real and is the basis of your experience. That system is repudiated by God. Love is the foundation of our faith to give us spiritual senses and discernment in the mind of God. God's program is Christ. God wants us to be accepted before our own eyes because of truth toward us. He wants us to be totally in love with ourselves through Christ to fulfill His program.

Don't allow your mind, your emotions, your religion, or your success of yesterday to interfere with His program for today. He doesn't want you to block out His present guidance for the thoughts of yesterday's victory, but rather live in the program of the present, which is Christ. Don't look back, but look unto Him without anything of self left. Jesus Christ will bring every single person to the place of His desire when the heart is open to travel through His way.

He has a calling for you, a place for you and an experience of truth while you travel; just don't get in the way. If you think you must feel spiritual or do something to be spiritual, then you've missed the import of who you are through what He has done.

Only look unto Jesus.

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