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Three Loaves and Prayer

God hears us. We can come to Him and ask anything. Be bold. Be pushy. Go knock on the door and get the three loaves you need. Believe in the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (Luke 11:5-7) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Rajan Neupane Sermon # 11744 7:00 PM on […]

Faithful in the Least

Walk with God as a servant. Do we need recognition? We have found the greatest thing in the world. Go by faith and let’s see what God will do. Watch the words. Watch the social media posts. Resist the devil. Cleanse the hands and hearts with the water of the Word. (Luke 16:10; James 4:1_12) […]

Called Alone Out of Shame

Our world is more and more self-oriented and less God-conscious. People are sliding into shame and missing out on God’s glory. But He has called us Himself just as He called Abraham. Cain was not his brother’s keeper, but Jesus came to save all of His brothers and sisters. (Psalm 4; Isaiah 51:2) Speaker(s): Pastor […]