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A Body Prepared, A Love Shared

God’s Love invites us into Him. Jesus came as the volume of the Book, the Word made flesh. This body He was prepared to bring salvation and to bring Him pleasure. His life makes me so much bigger than myself. His body was offered once for all. Spirit sends us to include. Healthy, holy living […]

Watch Your Concepts

John the Baptist came to a crisis point in his understanding of Jesus. He had some questions, and the Savior answered him. We must fear God and apply knowledge rightly. Have humility. Do all you can to relate to Him. Put your hope in Him for He is the reality of who we are. (Matthew […]

Be the Voice and Bring the Lost Home

Let’s see a freedom and a drawing where people come and very excited about Jesus Christ. Faith and prayer and kindness can do so much. We can go by faith and help the prodigals come to themselves and come home. The craziest thing is that God died to save the whole world. (Jeremiah 31:8-12) Speaker(s): […]

From Peasants to Kings and Priests

People suffer from experiences in life. There are too many voices we listen to. King comes and we learn who we really are. Holy Spirit reveals reality. Jesus is the Person we must see. We are straight up peasants who hear the voice of God. Behold the love he bestows upon us. Come away from […]

The In-In is the Win-Win

Satan blinds minds with the smoke of his deception. Devil wants us to lose our sense of identity. The in In is the win. We are in Christ and in His Body. If we understand who we are in Christ, then we protect ourselves from identity theft. Positional Truth makes such a difference. Liar wants […]