The Holy Spirit moved in the church at Antioch. Men were prayed for and dispatched to share the message of the Gospel. Let’s ask God to put missions in our heart. (Acts 13:1-5)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11832
7:00 PM on 2/5/2020

Tonight on Missions. I asked P. Renaldo to share something, and I’m going to share something for a few
minutes. But missions, because Sunday night we are going to have a special service here on
missions. We are going to go through it and think about it and prepare for the summer. P.
Randy Rollins flew back tonight from Columbia. He had 32 young 22-year-old Columbians
gathered around P. Manny and Sandon.

He said there is so much hunger. What are they hungry for? Maybe Americans or English or a way to get out of the country. I know there is a storm and people like us who have a message many are looking for God and they find him. This summer let’s go to certain places God will lead us to in missions. Let’s plan on it and think about it and pray and that God would send and do a work. Not only this summer but through the year. It’s very fruitful and not
hard. It’s the will of God we live by faith. It’s the will of God we pray by faith and we go by faith.
I’m excited about it.

Is P. Jack Wheatly here? P. Jack, do you want to sit over there? Can we pull you over there from Chicago. You’re all dressed up and no where to go. You got special shoes on, preaching shoes! Bill Ensor and Patty. Infection, he’s sick. And it’s serious. We are going to intercede right now in the faith field of our fellowship. (Prayer for Bill Ensor). Acts 13, I want to continue on our introductory thought about our walk by faith in the local assembly and then missions. This is Acts 13:1.

Read the verse and make a few points and finish and then P. Renaldo can come up
and share whatever is on his heart tonight. Sunday night we will have different speakers and
testimonies. I wanna give a shout out to Pilli Kraama. Is Pilli here in the audience? She’s an amazing person ministering in China, studying master level Chinese language at the same time ministering as she does as a woman of God. Where did she come from? She came from God.

When we find the church and find God and God is in the church and we start to grow and live by faith and get over the storms are part of life, but Jesus is on the boat. That’s the principle. We all have storms, but Jesus is on the boat
and he speaks and says something. He has the authority to change our lives. How many of you
are followers of Jesus tonight? Very slow response! How many of you are followers of storms,
chase the hurricane or tornado? Storm chasers.

How many of you are storm chasers? You chase the scandal, the weakness , the bad report, the evil report and then there are those that find Jesus Christ in faith. Sometimes the manifestation of God is very tender, very gentle, and he gives you a heart to hear and love righteousness. I want to love righteousness. I want to love God. I want to
find truth. I hate iniquity. I hate adultery, I hate stealing and lying, Psalm 101  Someone said to me in
Fed Hill when we were soul winning Saturday , a young man said to me when I talked to him about God,
there are many gods. They are all the same.

I said How many mothers do you have? One. Is she alive? No, she has passed away. I said that doesn’t matter you have many mothers. Many mothers. I could tell he didn’t like that. He got my point. There are many gods but there is one God, the true God, the only wise God. When we find him, the Spirit moves. I read a great missionary
newsletter from Daniel Timofte who is in Zimbabwe. He gave stories about people that have
changed lives – 50 year old man, 12 year old child, a policeman, a welder.

I read his stories and he has 300 chickens they are raising to sell for a little more income. He has Whatsapp. He
believes he has 200,000 people getting information downloaded on his Whatsapp ministry. He’s
an unsung hero. I thought of our ministry and was walking around the room here about 4 or 5
this afternoon praying in this room. I was thinking how many missionaries like Pilly Kraama, Daniel Timofte, Donna Parsons, the Moon family.

How many are out there ministering in the world and they have been sent. Acts 13:1-2, this is a work of God. It’s a mystery. We pray. We gather. We have a lot of joy. We rejoice a lot. Rejoice a lot. Be very carefree and encouraged in life. The storm is there but Jesus is on the boat. Make a big deal about Jesus, make a big deal
about him in your heart and learn to listen to him. Read good things from great men of God.
Read and keep your heart and mind on the important things, the mission, the vision. 7.7 billion
people in the world.

Many of them do not have a church, a pastor, a fresh message. Many of
them have not met a missionary, have not met someone, like you and I vs. 2. The Spirit spoke.
Vs. 3. Sent. Not for a job. Sent to a mission. Just sent by God. Sent. When I traveled years ago, I
would meet people that would go for jobs for Iraqi defense. They work for Blackwater. One guy
I remember him, a security guy. Some travel for oil or military.

But how many people travel for God. What are you going for? Not money, not people, not to get an advantage, not oil, not a company, nothing, no gold anywhere except people. I would like this kind of assembly with
faith fields that come from God in the presence of God to be in Nepal or Albania or Vietnam or
some far away, little island in the South Pacific. I’d like one little boy with a brown face and no shoes on in the
sand to look up at you in your face and say with a huge smile, Jesus Christ came to me last
night. And you, a missionary may say: What do you mean?– I was in the meeting and God kept me up all night.

God spoke to me and changed my life. God has saved me. God has taken the drug away. God has taken away the sex problem, the addiction, the depression, the fear. He has taken away the demons. P. Gromov was ministering in Turkmenistan and met an old, Russian soldier who had fought in Afghanistan. He stayed and he became a
drug addict, an opioid addict. Th man said to P. Gromov I hear what you are saying but I have to
tell you I haven’t slept one night for five years.

I am in torture by my drug addiction. My body is deteriorating. I am very sick. I have not slept one night. P. Gromov said, do you believe in Christ? He said, yes. You must put you trust in him. The man said, yes, I will. Could I sleep
tonight. The man said the next day he slept all night. Three days he anticipated the withdrawal,
but it never came. He got off of heroin without any withdrawals because Jesus Christ is real.

God sets apart Barnabas and Saul for some work. I don’t know how it works but we
are the church and we are praying. We are part of the process. Barnabas and Saul need to be in
a place where they can learn and serve and show up. Just show up. One missionary board this
old pastor said to a candidate, meet me at 3 in the morning. You want to go to the mission field,
meet me at 3 in the morning. The man showed up.

The pastor waited until 8 to interview him. He said, how do you spell, baker? he said B-A-K-E-R. What do you know about mathematics. What is 2 x 2? he said four. The pastor reported to the board and said I tested the man and he passed. How did you test him? He said I asked him to show at 3 in the freezing cold and kept him waiting till 8 and he never complained! Then I asked him two silly questions and he answered. He did it without any condescending manner, or questioned what I was doing.

I tested his humility to see his character. I believe this young man is capable of doing this work. I would modify the story a little bit. If we were to do it that way but I think you get the point. A local church is a good place to get tested, to grow up. Vs. 4-5. I’ll finish with this. They were sent. When I read this, I shake my head like this. I don’t know much but I know that’s true. Because I have felt it. I have felt it. You and I like to think about the young people and all of us on this great mission. Years ago, Protestants were 1 missionary in 5,000 people.

Moravians were 1 for every 60 people. Moravians went to Lavador. They went to Greenland. They went to South Africa. They went to many remote places 1732, 1737, 1722 – in those early years and they gave up
everything. They never went back home again, many of them. They never saw home. Many
died on the mission field because they understood I’m going to live by faith and do his will and
God sends me. He sends me. It might be hard but there is joy unspeakable. It might be
challenging but God is with me in the challenge.

We might get in trouble but it’s okay for the right reason. Missions. It is forgotten. One missionary went out with his wife and child. They had a very hard time. His wife died and his child died. He came back home and slipped into the
prayer meeting. They didn’t know he was there. He said you sent us out but when I came into
this prayer meeting, I was hoping you would say our names, that you would remember us, that you would hold
the ropes!

You know how Paul was put over the basket in Damascus and they are holding the
ropes as Paul was in the basket, escaping for his life. The missionary said I thought I would remember my name.
I thought you would be remembering me. I come back devastated and hurt. My wife has died.
My daughter has died, and I come home to die–I am very discouraged. That lesson isn’t very encouraging, but it is
something to think about. Do we know the names of our people?

Do we know what we are part of? Do we know how important it is to remember? Do we know what it is that we are actually doing. We are bringing the greatest message with the greatest commission with the greatest
Spirit for the greatest reason from the greatest God for the greatest purpose to accomplish the
greatest goal and for souls to get saved and people to go to heaven and the devil to be
rebuked. I have seen the wicked spreading themselves like a big bay tree. Psalm 37.

I’ve seen God come and cut it down. Halleluiah! I’ve seen big trees cut down; big, powerful, Soviet trees cut down. Communist trees cut down. Politician trees cut down. Government party trees cut down.
False God trees cut down. Wicked people cut down. Have you seen any of that happening? It
does happen. We are part of something, and it’s called the little stone in Daniel 2:45. That little
stone hits the image and turns to dust.

Ever lean on an old building and it crumbles? Lean on a fence somewhere and it’s gone. Eaten by worms, by termites, hollowed out. Much of life is like that. Empty shell like things that are all around us. You push on them a little bit and the thing deteriorates. Turns to dust because it’s based on lies. It’s empty living. Empty shallow excuses.
Empty fallacies. Pride and emptiness in the heart of man. But Missions, worldwide missions.
Imagine Jesus Christ being raised from the dead and say go ye into all the world and preach the

We don’t fear man. We fear God. Lo, I am with you until the end of the age. God is with
us in it. If you are right with God, God’s hand is on your life. If you walk by faith with the boat in
the storm, Jesus takes care of business. Who are you? You are related to me. I am your Savior. I
am your God. You listen to me, fear me,  and follow me. You be serious about it. You get right with me
and follow me and trust me. I will guide you. I will send you.

Paul and Barnabas went in John. They met a demonic man. Sent into a place where the demons are everywhere, where the sorcerer is in power. Sent into a place where there is a confrontation with a man of God and an
evil man named Elymas. vs. 8. Contest! Missions is looking for the contest. Missions is to go
where angels fear to tread. Missions is prayer, faith, God’s plan. It’s a paradox. You may lose
something, but you gain something else. You gain a purpose and a mission.

You might say I live in Baltimore, in Rosedale. And I say you are on a mission. If you are in this church, you are on a mission. Whatever church you go to in God’s plan; we are on a mission. I’m so happy we are
doing what we are doing. I think it is unusual, but I know there is great reward. It’s not the
common way but it’s our way. I know it’s different. I love the difference. I love what we do,  I love how we think. I
love what we believe in. It’s the purpose God has for us.

When you are washing dishes, you think with God. When you come into this room, you’re  thinking with God. When we assemble together, we are thinking with God. When we meet for EUROCON, we are thinking with God.
When we have our Convention in June, we are meeting these people and listening to the
stories. I want to be a faithful laborer because I know God is in it. I’m not going to depart from
the old landmarks. I don’t understand everything about it, but I believe in godly living. I’m not
sleeping with my girlfriend before I get married to her. I’m not making out with her around the

I’m not stealing money or lying and cheating. I’m broken before God. I have times of
pride or arrogance, but I know what to do. Jesus is on the boat. I say Jesus, what is going on? He
says I am the holy God. I will fill you and satisfy you, build you up. I will teach you love. I will guide you in the
way you should go, and I’ll teach you how to pray to me. We get to pray with God. Maybe one
day someone lays hands on you and it’s amazing.

Someone lays hands on me in the plan of God. Some man of God, some work of God sets us apart to be used. One day when that happens, and you say I don’t understand how that whole thing goes but I’m going to live by
faith. When you live by faith in God, you open your mouth and there is some power with you
and God. You have some counsel and wisdom from God. You have a prayer meeting and people
want to pray with you and be with you.

They want to jump in your car and be part of your life because you are a holy man of God. Not just a man of God. A holy man of God. A man that is holy that God walks with and talks to. Wow! There you go. Our Bible school is big on my heart. It’s a big thing on my heart. Our Bible college for our people to get it and be very serious about
this amazing book. Hide it very patiently over a long period of time. Learn what is in this book
and be serious about it.

God will help you. God will guide you and one day God will send you. You will be doing something somewhere and you’ll have a sense that God did it. God prepared you, raised you up God uses you and you have a ministry. It’s needed everywhere in this world. The rice patties in Vietnam, the mountains of Southern China, – Everywhere- the cities of Tokyo and Moscow. Everywhere. In this country. Everywhere.


Pray with me please:

Father we ask you for this season. We’re in our church. We are looking for the summer and missions. We are looking to next year and missions and putting teams to go and praying for missions we don’t know where to go, we need you to guide us, we need you, we don’t know where to go or how it’s going to be payed for, we don’t know how it happens but we’re people of faith and you will do it. And in the long range vision, we pray for the work day by day in our hearts to hear you. Help us follow you day by day in every aspect and every detail — that confession of sin, repentance would be part of our life and we bring it before you in the light of your countenance — and teach us to be spirit filled people that walk by faith in the finished work and send in Jesus name we pray.


P. Renaldo –

Rather than say a few words, let’s pray for missions and for Sunday night that God
could speak to hearts. I believe we have 754 churches in this ministry; 800 could be in this
room. Sitting in one of these chairs could be number 800. Someone with a heart and a vision
that doesn’t even know that God wants to use them. Let’s just pray with your neighbor for a
few minutes, a season of prayer for missions, for our ministry, for the Gospel and for Sunday


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