Serving Has No Bounds

A true servant is only concerned with pleasing the one he serves. The real men of God in the Bible were not in the habit of living in self-determination. They did not decide where or what type of environment in which to serve. Oftentimes, we start to murmur when we are given a menial task to do, especially if we are not noticed. Oh, the pride in our hearts!

Jesus exhibited the laying down of His life in selfless service to the Father when He said, “But he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve” (Luke 22:26). Jesus girded Himself with a towel and washed the feet of the disciples, including the very one that would betray Him, Judas Iscariot (2). Menial tasks did not stop His servitude; yet, this is one of the most often heard complaints today. When Christians murmur about their job, it only reveals that it is not their nature to serve. Their motivation is not pure. A believer whose true motive is to please himself is no servant at all.

In order for Christians to be true servants, just as Jesus was, they must be transformed in their mental attitude by the Word of God regarding their service (1). Then their nature will be that of a servant.

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