Strength in Weakness

In the midst of an experience of weakness, many of us pray for God to take the weakness away. We feel confused because though we love God and believe His Word, old weaknesses continue to make grand appearances in our lives at very strategic times. We need to realize that weakness can be our greatest asset in Christ, and that it is our natural strength that is really our greatest problem.

Moses was a great servant because he was a weak man who allowed God's strength to be his life. God loves to use the insignificant things, so that only He will receive the glory. He took the dust of the earth, breathed into it and man became a living soul. He used Balaam's animal to reprove Balaam, who was operating in his own natural strength.

Many people have come to the Cross and have identified with Christ's death, yet they have never experienced the flow of His resurrection which would give them God's own effectual life to empower them in the midst of their weakness.

Deuteronomy 7:22 tells us that God will drive out our enemies, not all at once, but little by little. He doesn't want us to be established in our own sense of human achievement, but rather He desires that we grow gradually in victory through the grace and knowledge of His Person.

Be glad, like Paul, when you are weak. Know that it is in the transparency of your weakness that the strength of God will be magnified.

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