Taking on an Image

Many local churches take on the one personality of their doctrine, never utilizing their own God-given portion. Why? Because they are not secure in their own fellowship with Christ in grace; therefore, they must establish their own security. Their standard for loving one another becomes their own belief or concept. When another Christian has stepped beyond the borders of their doctrine, then their conditional love no longer ministers to that one singled out.

The members of this kind of church are all the same. If you are not the same you do not fit with them. They go as far in love as their doctrine carries them. You must take on the image of what they want you to take on in order to be accepted. You do not grow to express Christ but to express their doctrine about Christ. Love is not their basis for communication. They will relate to you according to your ability to state the facts of their concept of God. They cannot take a step of faith because they never allow God to lead them beyond what they know and are well-established in. They may be of one mind about doctrine but not one in the mind of Christ.

The mind of Christ is given by grace through fellowship with that mind. A man who instructs others with his own concepts outside of love cannot be instructed by God that he may be a vessel of that love in his God-given design.

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