The Breath of the Spirit

Continuing the parable in Luke 8, we come to the third hearer. This one heard the Word and went forth, yet never brought forth fruit. Covering up through natural sincerity, he looked by sight to be dedicated. A first glance at outward appearance never will reveal a deceitful heart. Over a period of time, the evil growth within must manifest its fruits. No one can hide from God, nor in the end result can he hide from the world. Unless a man enters into the covering of the Blood of Christ, he is spiritually naked before all because of the law of sin and death. Everyone will know the wage you pay because of its effect in your body. If the soul is not healthy, then the physical body does not prosper.

Many people appear before God as thorny ground. Before the Spirit of God is allowed to plant the seed of revelation, thorns are there ready to choke its life. When these people listen to a message, they have other thoughts in their mind. They do not get much out of services because their heart is filled with thorns. They feel that they can appreciate the promises of Canaan while still experiencing part of Egypt. Instead of allowing the Word to use them, they try to conform it to the good part of the Tree of Knowledge. They listen to the Word with all sincerity and ability to conform but without contact with a crucifixion that turns Adam from good to dead.

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