The Four Strengths

There are four specific kinds of strength a believer receives as he waits upon God, according to Isaiah 40:31. He is given inward strength through God’s process of renewal. He can “run and not be weary” refers to outward strength. He mounts up with “wings as eagles” speaks of upward strength. And the fact that he can “walk and not faint” means he now has onward strength.

The Christian can be sanctified in each of these areas of strength by simply waiting on God. Those who do not wait upon Him will not obtain these things. They will grow weary, faint and at times, will react to others because they have not learned the secret of waiting.

No one who learns to wait upon God ever gets frustrated with His grace. No one who waits on Him feels unloved, because he receives love as he waits. He will not feel empty, because he is filled with God’s fellowship as he waits.

It does not matter what sin we have committed in the past, or how guilty we feel. If we have appropriated I John 1:9 by confessing our sins to God, He considers them to be buried in the deepest sea (3). Our guilt is removed (4). We can wait upon God and receive inward, outward, upward and onward strength.

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