The Table He has Set

If we are consumed by Christ and taken over by the Word, and if by His grace we determine to move in the Spirit, then we will consider that God has set before us everything that comes our way. If we set the Lord before our face and we are walking in His Lordship, then things which happen to us will be set before us as our lot.

The table God sets before us is not just good things, good blessings in terms of the riches of mercy, but that table may have upon it trial, persecution, or rejection. It may also mean a great blessing in another realm, but it is our personal table. God the Father even set a table before His own Son. As blameless as the Son was, in the human sense only, the Father would not make Him a favorite. Then the Son turns to us and says that He will not spare us. The only way to resurrection is through the Cross. The cross is the only way to ascension and the baptism of the Spirit. It is the only way to victory over the flesh, the only way to hate sin, the only way to faith rest, and the only way to be in the Body. It is so vital to know that we must have the Cross.

Through the cross, whatever is happening to us today is our table. With that table set before us, we cooperate with God as our Head, hid in the Body, and face the table lawfully in the Spirit of love, allowing the Kingdom to be first in our lives.

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