Confessing Truth

Truth is not in confessing present situational conditions. Truth is set apart from situations. Your confession is what Christ confesses about you in your new nature. Don’t confess the accusations of your Adamic nature. Adam separates us from the life of the new nature.

At salvation, we receive the most precious possession needed to live. Jesus Christ is this precious possession. God gave us His only begotten Son, demanding nothing in return. He gave to meet our need. His motive was to love.

Truth is available to us through its source in the Word of God. We are the object of truth. Love is the motivation for truth. We confess truth on the basis of what the Word of God confesses about us. We receive truth as the liberty to receive life. Life challenges our Adamic nature, the realization of self.

Truth reveals the heart of love which breaks the yoke of bondage to the fear of death. In response to fear, we turn to self. Truth takes self and destroys it in the name of love.

Love is given without expectation of return. Love’s only stipulation is that we establish a foundation for God to build upon. Love has no conditions. It is freely given and has redemptive power. Your life confesses what truth has given so that love can create a fellowship with no conditions. Your confession is the life that you present without demands.

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