Consider Your Options

If you choose to walk in the Spirit, you can have everything that you desire with God while you live in this world. But if you want to live in misery, you also have that option.

The Christian who refuses to walk in the Spirit can choose to become morbidly depressed.

It’s an option.

He can choose to live with the effects of the world, the flesh, and the devil. That’s an option. The bar room, for those who want it to be, is an option.

But some Christians have ruled out those options. They refuse to consider them because they are not options for the Spirit-filled believer. We have an option to live today! We have an option for joy, for power, for love, for thanksgiving, for hope, and for understanding. We have the option to make this the very best day of our lives because God made it.

By God’s grace we will accept only His options.