Creative Receptivity

Meditation makes me strong. Worship is precious, and when occupied with praise I will not be occupied with anything short of what God deserves in my attitude toward Him; but that which gives me substance for adoration, for praise, and for worship is meditation.

Meditation leads to concentration. Concentration leads to an amplification of the singularity of thoughts that God wants me to experience in the darkroom of my potential, so I can experience the revelation of His purpose in the particulars of my life. Meditation causes me to be pregnant with the Word of God, and this pregnancy has a chance to deliver the life of substance in my experience to produce the character of God's life.

As believers learn to worship based on meditation, praise based on concentration, and response based on adoration, those believers enter into an amazing deliverance by the Word. They have entered into the pregnancy of the Word that they have been subjected to through the concept of faith in the grace of creative receptivity. When believers do not worship, praise, meditate or concentrate, they become people who are not good receptors for God's revelation. All things leave them wanting. The only time they experience glory is when they are rested or have a need. We can live in the continual Word deliverance brought through meditation.

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