Quickening – An Encouraging Provision

There are many Christians who serve God faithfully, but at times they become weary. It is such good news to hear that God has made a provision for this. It is called quickening and it is done according to God’s Word (2). It is executed in the standard of God’s thought patterns of thinking with God. This is a great provision to human life for it will bring passivity into obedience quickly.

The system of the world constantly tries to weigh us down. “Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way” (Psalm 119:37). When we are constantly exposed to emptiness, out minds will become empty. We must guard ourselves from this by giving our lives into God’s hands so we get quickened to keep His testimonies (3). Daniel prayed three times every day and God quickened him each time. Let us look to Daniel’s example and see the provision there for us today. God will provide in our time of need.

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