How many people are so occupied with their flesh or the things that pertain therewith that they completely hinder the flow of the life of Christ? Their selfish occupation allows Satan to fully operate and succeed in the purpose of his plan. People are occupied with themselves in so many different ways and avenues. It does not even have to be something that we term "fleshly" and yet God terms it that way because of the root of its origin.

Some people can even mind their own spiritual being to the point that they do not abandon their lives to God. Their excessive occupation with a particular doctrine "in the Name and for the cause of Christ" can completely stop them from living in the flow and presence of God now. Other people mind so consistently their present spiritual state to the point that they never rest in God's acceptance toward them in the Finished Work. They engage in a continual battle, indulging themselves in the things of their flesh, never minding the spiritual thoughts of God.

If a person would abandon himself to God, he would find that his deliverance in Christ has already left him far from Adam. The beginning of abandonment starts from the total destruction of the flesh. A man who minds his flesh certainly does not have the mind of God. The mind of God thought long ago that we were perfectly hid inside the Son of God, and that mind never battled with the possibilities that could activate from the flesh.

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